Prediabetes symptoms

Numbers don’t lie. For many years now, decades even, diabetes is said to be one of the leading causes of death. In most cases death is caused by kidney failure, stroke or heart attack. Not to mention that when untreated, diabetes causes blindness and often leads to lower limb amputations.

Statistics involving diabetes are even more alarming because they show that a high percentage of people is undiagnosed. They live with symptoms for years which more often than not leads to much quicker progression of the disease. But even less people know how to properly recognize prediabetes symptoms.

Prediabetes symptoms are what their name implies – symptoms which may or may not lead to actual diabetes. Therefore, it is incredibly important to properly diagnose and recognize those symptoms. At this stage it is entirely possible to improve the state of health and thus insure that diabetes will not become a lifelong condition.

Prediabetes from medical point of view means that sugar level in blood is already elevated but still not to the level that can be seen in diabetes. Human body is incredibly sensitive to any changes in blood sugar levels. That is why even the most innocent rise or fall causes a number of reactions. When they occur more than often, they are known as prediabetes symptoms.
Amongst most common prediabetes symptoms there is fatigue, blurred vision, increased thirst and frequent urination. But it is important to know that symptoms can vary depending on the individual. This irregularity is why it is hard to recognize prediabetes symptoms for what they are. Many of them seem innocent enough and since they don’t necessarily influence everyday life people can easily ignore them for years. That is precisely why in the majority of cases prediabetes symptoms lead to type 2 diabetes.

Some statistics claim that almost 25% of people who experience prediabetes symptoms will develop type 2 diabetes within 5 years. It also illustrates fairly well the importance of quick diagnosis and treatment.

Even at the stage of prediabetes, the body is already suffering from damages. They mostly center around blood vessels, heart and kidneys.

But when prediabetes symptoms are successfully recognized it is entirely possible to make lifestyle changes that will allow to stop the progression of the disease. Unfortunately diagnosing prediabetes is not easy. In most cases people have no idea they suffer from prediabetes until they are tested. Fortunately, testing for diabetes and correlated diseases is fairly easy and cheap.

The most common diagnostic tool is, of course, blood sugar test. Depending on the time of day, the level of sugar in blood can tell a lot about how the body is regulating glucose. Another important factor in diagnosing prediabetes is blood pressure. Prediabetes symptoms are mostly the side effect of high blood pressure. This is why at some point in life everyone should remember to start checking their blood pressure regularly. Elevation of any kind should never be disregarded, especially if it occurs more often than not. Prediabetes symptoms are also correlated with obesity and high blood fat levels.

But as pointed out previously, prediabetes doesn’t necessarily mean diabetes. Lifestyle changes can lead to huge improvement in health.

Most important change is, of course, the dietary one. Diet has drastic influence on health, especially when it comes to metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Food that is full of fat and sugar causes weight issues and leads to dangerous imbalance in production and output of insulin. The body stops correctly reacting to the hormone and then the entire process of regulating the blood sugar level is put out of balance.

That is why when it comes to prediabetes symptoms it is even more important to introduce healthier diet. Adding physical activity to daily routine will also lower the chances of diabetes because it will help to maintain a healthy weight. Both diet and exercise can help establish normal blood sugar level and keep diabetes at bay.


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